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Name:Bella Swan (AU)
Birthdate:Jun 10
RP journal from Bella Swan, played from Twilight/New Moon unless canon mates wishes something else.

There is also an AU version detailed here in case anyone would be interested in that, AU posts are always marked as such:

Mun and muse over 18 (Yes, Bella is seventeen in the beginning of the book series but this version is played as 18 if nothing else is specified.)

So, this is a bit of an experiment born out of discussing Twilight with friends. Basically it's a sort of re-interpretation of the information given in the books, the relevant ones being Twilight and New Moon drawing much inspiration from the movies. Eclipse and Breaking Dawn aren't part of her default history but if any canon characters are interested in a verse I'm very open to that.

I'm also very interested in playing with people outside of the canon so don't be shy, COME INTO MY ARMS!

This journal wasn't made to make fun of anything or anyone, so if you feel offended in any way feel free to contact me and we'll hopefully work it out.

For a large part of her childhood Bella has had to help take care of a mother suffering from early-onset dementia, making her act older than her actual age. Her relationship with her father is complicated. In a way she feels abandoned by him, but she would never admit it since it was her mother that left Forks and Bella's been stubbornly refusing to come live with him. Someone needs to take care of Renée.

Now she's moved to Forks again, trying to learn how to trust that Phil, her mother's new husband, will look after her.

Bella herself suffers from serious anxiety issues and depressions, she has a hard time relating to people and will sometimes take even well-intended attention the wrong way. She is academically gifted but has an inner ear problem that causes her balance to be severely impaired, causing her to trip and fall and drop things a lot.

She has a hard time relating to the emotions and interests of others if they don't align with her own. She makes her mind up quickly and is very stubborn about sticking with her decisions.

Side note: For unknown reasons, mind reading abilities do not work on Bella.
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